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A Venture Capital Firm Serving the Urban Community

Invest in Northeast Capital Fund II

Making Notes

Our primary purpose is to provide investment advisory services to the Northeast Capital funds, a venture capital fund with a core mission to invest capital in urban communities.


Our objective is to work closely with our sister company A$$ETcoin, LLC, and with great people, and give them the opportunity for their voices to be heard. As we grow, we pledge to mentor young founders and take burgeoning entrepreneurs to the next level.


The funds' concentration in partnership with A$$ETcoin is on mortgage lending, real estate development, construction projects, and qualified early-stage growth companies with a focus on the environment.

Generational Wealth


The Untapped Potential of Underserved Communities


Currently, less than 10% of all Venture Capital (VC) funds go to people of color and these underserved communities. VCs see this as a pipeline problem, we at Northeast Capital Fund II see this as an opportunity.

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According to the Homeownership Council of America over 10 Million mortgage ready homebuyers are going underserved in urban communities. By successfully lending in underserved communities, lenders stand to conservatively increase their loan volume by at least $1.5 Trillion. Click Here


Citigroup Investment Bank and Financial Services reported that an estimates $16 trillion is in lost GDP due to racial inequality in the United States. “Racial inequality has always had an outsized cost, one that was thought to be paid only by underrepresented groups,” said Raymond J. McGuire, Vice Chairman of Citigroup and Chairman of Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory at Citi. “What this report underscores is that this tariff is levied on us all, and particularly in the U.S., that cost has a real and tangible impact on our country’s economic output.  Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to confront this longstanding societal ill that has plagued Black and brown people in this country for centuries, tally up the economic loss and as a society, commit to bring greater equity and prosperity to all.” Click Here

What does a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity look like?


Black spending power is estimated at over $1.2 trillion; more importantly, produces an overall minority spending power of $4 trillion. So why is there such hesitancy in lending and investing in these underserved communities?


This lack of financial inclusion for black America exists at every level of the financial system. Understanding the sources of exclusion is the first step to fixing the system.

The Future of Cryptocurrency


The Next Multi-Trillion Dollar Investment Opportunity

Northeast Capital Fund believes A$$ETcoin is the next multi-trillion-dollar investment opportunity!


For this next generation of digital currency to succeed, it must be adaptable to Urban America, serving as a bridge to the future, and pathway to generational wealth.


We agree with Citigroup, Black and brown lives do matter, and it is time for us to tally up the economic loss and as a society, commit to bringing greater equity and prosperity to all. We at Northeast Capital Fund see ourselves as a solution provider and the urban communities as the catalyst for change.


For more information on A$$ETcoin Click Here

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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