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Dr. Taylor Moffitt of Halyden

Dr. Taylor Moffitt of Halydean earned his doctorate of business administration in financial management, and has an MBA in finance as well. He began originating loans more than 25 years ago, and enjoys helping business owners take their businesses to the next level.  If you need help growing your business, or with succession planning, or if you want to sell your businesses for price and tax-optimization Taylor can assist you. Taylor also specializes in complex finance, including blockchain lending, hard money, reverse mergers, IPOs, multinational finance, and custom structured deals. He is known for his down-to-earth style. He very much fits in with our ideals of honesty, integrity, and full financial disclosure. 

Taylor has helped successful business owners fund loans since the 90's. He has written articles for various newspapers, was a co-host of a financial news talk show that aired on three different radio stations, has been featured as a TV news commentator, and has been mentioned in Forbes Magazine.  As the former president of the lending division of a financial firm, he has trained dozens of loan officers and averaged $75 million in loan production per year. 


Some of his past advisory projects have included publicly traded companies, award winning & fast growing companies, and more. He is an expert in mergers & acquisitions, as well as helping companies to get listed in the public stock markets via IPO or reverse mergers and has completed about a dozen of these transactions to list companies on stock exchanges in the US and in Europe. Taylor did his doctoral dissertation debunking a popular financial model that won a Nobel Prize, and has been recognized with international honors. He said, "his greatest recognition is when a happy client refers business. He doesn't advertise, and most of the businesses he has asissted over the years has comes from word of mouth and referrals from past clients. Taylor enjoys long-term relationships and repeat business with clients, and is happy to serve them over and over again. Taylor work for the client and his loyalty is to the client to help them get the best possible deal.

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